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There is so much more to Florida than crowded tourist attractions, mind-boggling news stories, and bad drivers. A closer look reveals sparkling gems dotting the coastline like lanterns that beckon and illuminate the lesser known destinations the locals actually beg us not to talk about!

Sorry, you locals, we’re here to give away some of coastal Florida’s best kept secrets: the best beach, the best beach bar, and the best bungalow, mom-and-pop or B&B for your visit. At Beaches, Bars and Bungalows we’re committed to supporting local, family owned businesses – no chain restaurants, no cookie cutter big name hotels. We believe that when visiting coastal Florida, much of your time is spent outside the room. We do have our standards:  Clean, cozy, and cute are at the top of the list as well as, whenever possible, within walking distance of the chosen bar or restaurant.

Our recommendations are based on personal experience and/or many hours of research as well as speaking with locals and others who have visited the destinations.

Come along – let’s go to the beach!

us-with-wine-smallerRobert and me doing what we do best!  Photo taken at Beach Place Guesthouses in Cocoa Beach, Florida, photo by Jennifer Shaver Photography


kids-aboutAngela, Maggie, Max and Mae are also part of our Triple-B team


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All the information provided on Beaches, Bars and Bungalows is for general and entertainment purposes only and is the opinion of our writers based on our experiences. Beaches, Bars and Bungalows is not responsible for fellow travelers’ experiences in any way.

We make no promises, warranties, or representations of any kind regarding accuracy or reliability of any product or service, current prices, opening hours, menu items, amenities or any information, as all info is subject to change.

All photos our ours, unless otherwise noted. Use of our photos is prohibited without written consent. We love to share though – just ask! And include our link.

Any personal information, including contact info, provided to us will be kept private. We will never spam our readers or sell information.

Occasionally we are offered complimentary stays or products to review, and in this case and all others our opinions are ours alone. We have made a commitment to never give a bad review; if we don’t like a place, we won’t talk about it, and we would never review a product that we wouldn’t normally use and seek out.


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  1. Love love love your site!!

    1. Yay so do we! And we’re so happy you love it too. Keep checking back; we’re visiting off-the-beaten-path Florida whenever we get the chance. More good info to come!

  2. Marybeth – I LOOOOVE the concept of this site! (Especially being on the coast of Florida.) I will send you a few of my favorites!!!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I’ll look forward to your suggestions!

  3. Love this website. We are always looking for words to describe why we love Indialantic so much. You get it!!

    1. Thanks Russ! We love visiting the “off the tourist radar” towns. Indialantic is one of the best!

  4. Love this url and look forward to some nice spots. I am buying the little beach house just up the road from you

    1. Oh cool! But wait… I didn’t want anyone to know where our beach house is… ;)

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