Surfing Santas Cocoa Beach Draws Record Crowd and Over 800 Santas Riding the Waves

Surfing Santas in Cocoa Beach has become so huge it’s drawn international media coverage. Wow.

An event that started out tiny – just one guy, George Trosset, and his family dressing up to surf – this year drew over 10,000 spectators and 837 Santas riding the waves (how DID they get that exact figure?)

With temperatures in the upper 70’s and reaching into the 80’s, and colorful, creative, and often crazy costumes everywhere you look, where else would you want to be? (Frantically wrapping last minute presents perhaps? Swearing over a hot stove?) Plus the fact that the event benefits the Florida Surf Museum, and Grind for Life, a Cocoa Beach nonprofit that provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when they’re traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals; a worthwhile cause plus lots of people in the Christmas Eve spirit.


We found there were just as many – if not more – MRS. Santas this year!



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To be honest, some of the Triple B team weren’t exactly in the Christmas spirit Sunday morning. With our to-do list stuff not all crossed off (yes, those presents all still not wrapped) we thought about not going to Surfing Santas 2017. But as we drove into the very cool and revitalized downtown Cocoa Beach, and waited while bright, excited clusters of people hurried across the street at the crosswalk in front of our car, our spirits rose like the tides that rolled in and that sun that beat down.

And because there is still a bit of swearing to do over our hot stove today, we’ll leave you with a bunch of photos of the visionary and vivid surfing folk and their viewing audience.



This photo reminds us of our favorite from last year:

To view more coolness from past Surfing Santas,  read 2015’s Fundraising and Fun in Cocoa Beach, Florida and 2014’s Surfing Santas in the Small Wave Capital of the World.




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