Our Beach Bungalow

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It’s now FIVE YEARS since we bought our little slice of paradise, The Beach House. We are still pinching ourselves and still happy as clams fixing it up. Spending the weekends being industrious, and lazy, in equal parts. Ahhh, the beach life!


Here is our beach bungalow living room before we bought it:




And here it is now:




Our house is neither a bungalow nor on the beach, but close enough to count. I’ve been promising more photos, and at the same time trying to become better acquainted with my camera. So bear with me as I continue to learn and experiment. “Strive for progress, not perfection.” Yes!



driftwood-basketOur collection of driftwood we found on the beach


latitude-pillow-palm-shadowsOne of my favorite things, the latitude/longitude pillow found on Etsy at LatteHome


driftwood-tableWe are secretly so proud of this table! CH built it, using our scavanged driftwood


baguette-trayThe candle holder is actually a baguette tray featured in Martha Stewart Living, that I found at a great discount on One King’s Lane. That’s Puppet in the background guarding the house.


red-side-tableAnother favorite addition is the red side table from West Elm


dining-lightDining room picture wall in progress


gizmo-windowI couldn’t not include the other Beach House dog, Gizmo


Not sure why I didn’t include photos of our other pet last time I updated this page (too long ago; how could I have been so indolent??)


Illy the rescue squirrel:


And some photos of Illy not eating:

For the full story of how we found Illy and why we kept him (and the healthy food I make for him, and also the #1 question we get about having a squirrel live in our house) read this A Squirrel Lives in Our Beach House.


Some befores and afters:

Read this full story here From Granny Guest Room to Shipwrecked Bunk Bedroom.


The “pool bedroom” before:

The "before" photo of the small study we made over into our summery beach guest room

And the “pool bedroom” (it overlooks the pool) after:

An "after" photo of our summery beach house guest room

Read about this transformation Beach Bedroom Makeover: From Small Study to Summery Guest Retreat.


I’ll be updating this page (more often than I was!) as we go along and fix/do/create/screw up/fix again. Check back with us for more on our DIY Beach House journey!






















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