Historic Beach Bungalows on Florida’s Space Coast


True historians will want to reduce me to tears for calling these houses “bungalows.”  Technically they are not bungalows. Yes, a bungalow is “one and half stories, low pitched gable or hipped roof, prominent and usually wide front porch” etc.  But since I am drawn to the words “bungalow” and “cottage,” or just “old and small,” (which, admit it, isn’t very flattering) I am choosing to call these regal, old-timey, long lasting little houses Historic Beach Bungalows.




Whatever their category, these diminutive houses are proof that people have been longing to live near the beach since the beginning of time. Or, at least since the early 1920’s!




Most of the houses I’m going to show you today are from the Carleton Terrace neighborhood in Cocoa, Florida. They’re a short stroll to the gorgeous expanse of the Indian River, and a pleasant few minutes drive to Cocoa Beach. The land was developed in the 1920’s by a guy named David Paul Davis. Who names their kid David when their last name is Davis?


In 1923 you could buy a 50 x 130 ft. lot for $550.


Now, you might be able to get one of the small houses for around $150,000…




These houses are Mediterranean Revival, which is described as reflecting the architectural influences of the Mediterranean coast: Italian, Byzantine, French, and Moorish themes from southern Spain.  Because of its elaborate detailing, “Mediterranean Revival Architecture works best in large buildings.”


Well! These little gems prove that wrong.







Now that I look more closely at this one I’m not sure it’s really old…. correct me if you know for sure.


And these I’m including because they are old and small, and adorable:



This looks like a pioneer cabin, or maybe one of the giant house owners on either side of it built it as a playhouse for their kids? If anyone knows, please tell me; I’m so curious about this little thing! And check out its view, right across the street at the river!




This next cute cottage, also pictured above in my “pin-able” image,  is part of a lovely and peaceful bed and breakfast retreat, Solrisa, on the Indian River Drive just north of the Merritt Island Causeway. It may have been the cookhouse for the estate, built in 1903.




And this one I’m including because it is just old and small. With a little money and the imagination we all have, just think of how cute this could be!




When you see houses like these, don’t you just itch to pull out your drill, chucks, reciprocating saw, ball peen hammer… (Or, like me, your broom, bleach spray, and paint swatches?)


Tell us where you’ve come across adorable Historic Beach Bungalows. These people may have had to wear clingy, soppy, wool bathing costumes, but they knew that living near the beach was the key to a good life of R and R!


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