Florida: where kitsch was born! Starting with our mailboxes…

Happy Funky Florida Friday!

A big theme here on our blog is how we Floridians like to do whatever the hell we want. Who knows the true reason – whether it’s the punishing heat melting our sense of propriety, or that more artists, free-thinkers, and hippies are drawn to the land of palm trees and surfboards – we think it’s because the pleasingly distasteful movement called kitsch was born in Florida.* And it often begins right at the curb –  us expressing our individual right to kitsch it up – with our mailbox.








mailbox-bunniesSome people just love bunnies. No judgement here.


mailbox-tiki-totemTikis abound, though they don’t look happy about it…




mailbox-tiki-hutTiki huts remind us of tiki bars… I’m afraid I’d want a drink every time I pulled into this driveway…


mailbox-pelicanThis house had all kinds of crazy cool art in the front yard, I’ll show you more later


mailbox-mermaidI may commission my husband to make me one of these


mailbox-gatorAnd last but not least, where would we be without our adulation of the Gators (who finally won a game or two! And fired their coach! Go Gators!)


Do you think these homeowners see me in the street photographing their mailbox, for heavens sake, and wonder WTF? You know my answer: I can do whatever in the hell I want!**

Do you have a kitchy mailbox that rivals or surpasses ours? Send me a pic, I’ll do a “Part Two.”


*Wikepedia says it started in Germany, but seriously, do we really believe everything we read on Wikepedia??

** I did research it: things and people in public spaces are fair game for me taking their pics.





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