Everyone Wants to Stay in Your Waterfront Shack in Jupiter, Florida



Most of us remember 1989’s “Love Shack” by the B52’s. Even if you weren’t born yet, I bet you jump in with “love shack bayee-bee”  and also the whispered “funky little shack…”

We stayed in The Funky Little Shack, which sits beneath tall trees beside The Love Shack; both steps from the water (and many, many bars!) in Jupiter Florida and you’d think we were celebrities. Well, I guess the shack is the celebrity, and we were its manager.

“You’re staying here? Oh my god, what’s it LIKE?” trying to peer around me into the door. CH was standing looking out the window when suddenly two women had their faces pressed up against the glass. A girl with stick legs wobbled up on high heels to have her photo taken in front of our shack.

This isn’t to say we didn’t have any peace in our Funky Little Shack. We did. There was only one window with peering access and we quickly learned to keep that blind closed. And besides Photo Opp Girl no one else breached our personal space. We heard no noise unless we were outside, and then it was only audible whispers “LOOK at that PLACE” and “Ohhh, write that phone number down!”  I confess that I may have done an extra bit of walking around outside, possibly forgetting something and so of course, needing to go back in. Pausing with my hand on the doorknob, “Hm, what was it I forgot?”

“Is this YOUR place??”  “Why yes. Yes, it is.”



Okay it was only mine for one night, but still


As always here at Triple B we first searched for a bungalow style motel, or a mom-and-pop, or a B and B. There are some larger resorts and some chain hotels in Jupiter if that’s your thing (I’m guessing not, if you’re here.)  We haven’t done the VRBO route but the stars aligned on this one, heaven shone down and the angels softly beat their wings in the direction of Love Street. The Funky Little Shack is usually booked way in advance, but for the very night we needed the calendar was clear. We moved our little overnight bags in, I placed my prized squishy down pillow on my side of the bed, and we walked outside to swan around doing our manager gig. It was kind of the same feeling I got when I did some runway modeling (I was the token “petite”) for charity luncheons and I didn’t fall down.

 Jupiter Florida’s name came about in a convoluted and typo-ridden way, with twists and turns even a geographer shakes his head to clear a path to understanding. The Hobe Indians, spelled “Jobe” by the Spanish, which was mistakenly written as “Jove” which is another name for Jupiter, Roman’s chief diety (like Zeus is to the Greek.) Jupiter was the god of sky and weather, so it turned out pretty cool and apt, don’t you think?

Various other shacks in Jupiter are home to Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, Burt Reyolds and Kid Rock. We didn’t try to find them or press our noses against their glass, but I couldn’t help wonder how their places – $80 million dollars, 28,000 square feet – could make them any happier than our one room, high ceilinged, all-you’d-ever-need shack made us.




A Sun Sentinal article written in 1986 claimed “Jupiter Island is probably Florida’s best kept secret” and “There are no bars, no shopping centers, no neon…”  Thirty years later there ARE bars (and the rest) and many within walking distance of The Funky LIttle Shack, which for our Triple B team is pretty much paradise. But first, the beach.




Blowing Rocks Preserve

574 South Beach Rd.

Jupiter, FL




We’re recommending this beach because it’s not your typical Florida beach. Blowing Rocks is an environmental preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy, and contains the largest outcropping of Anastasia limestone on Florida’s east coast. The waves crashing and splashing among the rocks is a sight to behold. During extreme high tides plumes of seawater are forced up to 50 feet skyward. This beach is great for fishing, taking photos and just observing, and swimming and snorkeling are allowed.  We would recommend just observing if the tide is high! For a fun traditional beach day in Jupiter, visit Jupiter Beach Park, DuBois Park, or Carlin Park.


  • PARK/WALK:  There is a small parking lot on the ocean side, and a much larger one across the street where there is also an education/visitors center. The walk to the beach is a couple of minutes through a beautiful canopy of seagrapes.
  • GO/RINSE:  There is a place to rinse off at the education center and restrooms as well.
  • CROWD FACTOR:  Not many people were there when we were, and most of them were surf fishing. This doesn’t seem to be a crowded popular beach-goer spot; much more of the peaceful, nature-lover type destination.
  • GUARDS:  No.
  • IMBIBE: Yes.
  • BEST FRIEND:  Not at Blowing Rocks Preserve, but there is an off-leash (which is rare! Take advantage if your man’s best friend is well behaved!) dog beach at Beach Marker 25 (Marcinski Rd.) 2.5 miles north to Beach Marker 60. For more info visit Friends of Jupiter Beach.
  • WE LOVE:  The unique – here in Florida, anyway – sight of the rocks and the crashing waves.








960 North Highway A1A






It was hard to chose just one bar – there are quite a few within walking distance – but Guanabanas has that lush tropical island vibe that whisks you away to the Caribbean!


  • VIBE:  Opened by some surfers as a sandwich shop in 2004, Guanabanas has grown into a well known oasis for relaxing in its almost rain forest-feeling open air tiki shaded paradise where you can enjoy good food and drinks plus live music.
  • ARRIVE:  By car or by boat. There is a parking area for cars but as this is “the” place to go in Jupiter, it fills up fast. There is also valet parking available.
  • SIT:  Right by the water, or a little further inside under the banyan trees or tiki huts. There are lots of choices and all are good.
  • SIP:  Happy Hour is 3 – 6 p.m. every day. Try one of their inventive cocktails such as The Perfect Day or A1A Lemonade.
  • NOSH:  We’ve heard mixed reviews about the food (“Go for the atmosphere!”) but we thoroughly enjoyed our Roasted Corn and Chicken Chowder and the Macadamia Coconut Fresh Catch.
  • LISTEN:  Live music most nights; check the schedule by clicking on the link above.
  • WE LOVE:  Besides the beautiful setting, we love that Guanabanas has monthly “Give Back Thursdays” where they donate the use of their stage to a local cause or charity in need, and also participates regularly in the Surfers for Autism event, as well as partnering with many other charities such as Surfrider, Haiti Relief Effort, and Share our Strength Foundation.









The Funky Little Shack

Love St.


VRBO/Homeaway #47274




  • VIBE:  Crazy colorful, as you can see, on the outside but soothingly neutral on the inside. A cottage and bungalow lovers heaven!
  • WALK:  The best part is that there are six restaurants/bars within a very short walking distance, a paddleboard and kayak rental hut, and a surf shop as well.
  • DECOR:  Cute and beachy, super clean.
  • SLEEP:  The mattress felt perfect to me but CH experienced a bit of a dip in the middle. The sheets were the BEST – all cotton with a high quality feel.
  • EXTRAS:  Free wi-fi, a fully stocked kitchen plus paper products plus coffee! In this type of rental you don’t often have coffee provided. Beach chairs and umbrellas, extra blankets, some toiletries, extra paper products, cleaning products and an air mattress were all stocked in a huge closet. You could move in for a month and have room for all your clothes! The hammock out back plus a table and chairs and lounge chairs complete the “this is all we need” feeling.
  • RATES:  On their site the price is listed as Average Nightly $129, but as we were staying during high season, our rate was higher.
  • WE LOVE:  Being able to walk to the little beach where there is a great view of the Jupiter Lighthouse, and of course, being able to walk to the bars!







love-and-funky-shacksYou can also rent The Love Shack next door, VRBO #458875



kayak-shackRent a kayak or paddleboard at Jupiter Outdoor Center



Some of the nearby restaurants:


jettys-frontJetty’s Waterfront Restaurant


u-tiki-frontU-Tiki Beach Waterfront Restaurant and Bar


u-tiki-chairsU-Tiki Beach out back, facing the water


rustic-inn-waterview Rustic Inn Crabhouse


square-grouper-under-the-treesSquare Grouper, where Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” video was filmed with Jimmy Buffet




And just some cuteness nearby:


astrology-shackLove Street Astrology


pink-cottage-scroll-detailNice detail on the window awning of this pink cottage


blueline-surf-shopBlueline Surf and Paddle Co.


sunisands-trailer-parkSuni Sands, where even the trailers are cute, but there is unrest afoot as residents are being forced to leave… read more on their Facebook page Save Historic Suni Sands


At the end of the day if someone else calls dibs on your hammock at the Funky Little Shack, you can always wade out to this one off of your little beach.  Yours for one night… or three… five… thirty…  but nevertheless  “Why yes. Yes, it is.”






Jupiter is on Florida’s east coast, 66 miles south of Vero Beach and 20 miles north of West Palm Beach.




  1. Thank you so much John! I’m so glad you came to visit our blog. I know it’s easy to scroll through photos on Instagram (I do it myself!) but having visitors to our blog means a lot. I appreciate all your positive comments and sharing our blog with your friends. We feel that Florida has so much to offer beyond just the well known spots to visit. I look forward to seeing some of your photos someday! Thanks again.

  2. Love this post! Jupiter is my favorite and I’m so glad you featured all of the great little quirks!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! What a fun town; we wished we’d had more time to explore, and will definitely be back. I’m sure we missed some of its quirks and charms!

  3. Marybeth-everything we love about Jupiter is in this blog! I teach yoga on the beach on Saturdays- have been for 18 years- come try a free class please! thebarefootyogastudio.com and facebook/barefootjupiter.love, fb/carolreaserna

    1. Thanks so much Carol! I felt that we only explored the tip of the iceberg, and we WILL be back! I would love to attend one of your yoga classes, thanks. Namaste. :)

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