Do Your New Business Cards Scare You, Too? My Moo Review

I designed, re-designed, stepped away, stepped back and peered, checked the spellings, changed the colors, moved things a hundredth of an inch, moved them back, eight million times. Then I finally said “HEAVENS  just upload them and push ‘YES PLEASE MAKE THESE’ already” and so I did.




Does anyone else get so scared of their own business cards? And when the little white box arrives, do you go vacuum, dust wine bottles, and clean out the freezer before opening it up? Because you’re so sure you made a mistake. And not that they cost more than your car payment or anything, it’s just that you put your whole life, for weeks on end, into those little two-by-three-and-a-quarter inch suckers.




Thank you, thank you to the people at Moo. They were so kind to send this message “We’re pretty sure these are perfect and will be awesome!” or words similar to that. And when they arrived, frightening little box that it was, I should have known they were going to be so cool and wonderful when I saw the “YAY” sticker. I say “YAY” all the time! It’s one of my most favorite words!




Moo specializes in high quality – but not super expensive – business cards and design services, as well as other products like flyers, postcards and stickers. Moo offers standard sizes and paper, 100% recycled paper, square business cards, mini cards, and letterpress. You can design your own and upload the file (like I did) or choose from their free designs and then personalize them with your info.

I wanted mine to be not-typical so I chose the really thick stock; the “Luxe” version printed on triple thick Mohawk Superfine paper. Moo gives you the option to have a color run through the center of the edges – a seam of color –  but I was afraid their red wouldn’t be like my red, so I opted for white. I can go back later with a marker and color the edges of my cards, which might be fun, and time consuming and so may require roping in friends and my kids to help, along with many glasses of wine and craft beer.


thicknessI could have been brave and chosen red to run through the center of this seam…


Is thicker better?


  • Handing someone this hefty slab of a business card will be like saying “LOOK. AT. THIS. BADASS. CARD.” And so I will seem badass, too.
  • Being different is good. If a little weird. And it’s weird to not be weird, we all know that (thank you again, John Lennon, I use this all the time.)


  • I’m thinking most people won’t be able to easily slide my hunk of a card into their wallets, and so, it may be tossed into the nearest trash can as soon as I’m out of sight.
  • The edges do seem a little high maintenance; if you’re not careful they can bend or peel.




All of their packaging is upbeat and fun:


biz-card-caseYay, my business cards!




What do you think? Are your cards thick? And are they as cool and wonderful as mine?

Check out all that Moo has to offer, here. And let me know if your new business cards have ever scared you!




  1. Love The New Cards! You could poke someone’s eye out with those! haha. Don’t do like me! For years I have spent countless hours designing new business cards, and then, after getting to a trade show or to a client, suddenly realize I forgot to put those artistic cards in my bag. Then hurriedly I tear off a piece of notebook paper and scratch out my name, phone number, and e-mail info. Dope!

    But hey the cards are cool!

    1. I can imagine doing the same exact thing! Right now they’re in my wallet and in my car… hopefully that will keep me well supplied. And thanks, glad you think they’re cool!

    2. I’m laughing at your torn notebook paper business cards Grilliant! But glad you like mine! (And btw I thought I’d answered this comment ages ago, oops!)

      1. You did answer me ages ago MB! hahaha..But it was nice to hear from you again! Still love the cards! lol

  2. Love your cards! Way cool. I would be just as fastidious too!!! lol

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